Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Revenue Sharing and Pay Per Lead/Signup?

Revenue Share (RevShare) is paid on a sliding scale, from 20-30%, based on each month's gross sales. You will receive commission on all long-term spending by referred customers. A breakdown of the sliding scale is available here: RevShare.
Pay Per Signup (PPS) commissions are awarded based on the first qualified purchase per customer. Any amount above one dollar is considered to be a qualified purchase (Note: when a free signup converts to a paying customer, you will receive the $50 bounty). .
Pay Per Lead (PPL) is a one-time payment that is based on the region that the customer is referred from. Any free sign-up that is confirmed via email is considered eligible for a PPL commission. To sign up for a PPL or PPS plan, please check out our CPA program, HackLab CPA.

2. How often do your payouts go out?

Affiliate commissions are paid out on a monthly basis. Payouts are sent on the 15th of the month for the previous calendar month.

3. What type of payment options are there?

Our default payment option is check via US Mail. However, we also offer payouts in the form of Paxum, wire (domestic and international), and FedEx.

4. What fees are associated with receiving my commission?

a.) Checks via mail: Domestic - Free; International - Free
b.) Checks via Fedex: Domestic - $50; International - $100
c.) Paxum: Domestic - $5; International - $5
d.) Wire Transfer: $35
e.) Cancelling and reissuing checks: $20 stop payment fee

5. What name is on your payouts?

a.) Checks: VS Media, Inc.
b.) Paxum: vsmedia
c.) Wire: VS Media, Inc.

6. What is the minimum commission amount necessary to receive a payout?

The minimum check amount is $100.00 (net). Commissions of less than $100.00 are held over to the next pay period and paid when the commission balance exceeds $100.00. If you are receiving an international wire (Outside the US) the minimum amount is $135.00 (net).

7. What if I made the minimum amount for a payout, but I have not received my check yet?

a.) All domestic (US-based) affiliates are required to send in a W-9 prior to receiving a payout. To get a blank W-9, please contact us or download the PDF ( To send in your W-9, you can fax it to us at (818) 880-9022, email it to your account representative, or email Affiliate Team
b.) Checks go out on the 15th of every month, and we ask that you allow up to two (2) weeks for checks to get processed through the mail.

8. Where can I see how much traffic I have sent?

Traffic statistics are available under the stats tab in our member's area. You can view your stats broken down by date, user ID, tracking code, and device type

9. What are raw hits versus unique hits?

A unique hit is the number of individuals that click your ads/links, while raw hits are the total number of clicks all those individuals have made. Example: if you have 2 people that each clicked 10 times, then you would have generated 2 unique hits, and 20 raw hits.

10. Which should I use, the homepage link or the random webcam link?

The homepage link is great for showcasing all of the live models, and then allowing the customer to choose a specific model, and start chatting. The random room link will take your customers directly into a random live chat, thus reducing the number of clicks required to sign up and start spending.

11. Does Flirt4Free Affiliates offer a webmaster referral program?

You will earn 5% of the net sales (gross sales minus credits and chargebacks) from the affiliates you refer for 12-months from the date the affiliate registers.

12. How do I know if a webmaster I referred signed up under me?

For privacy purposes, we cannot give out detailed referral information, but you will get an automatic email from us for each referral sign up.

13. Where can I view webmaster referral stats?

You will be able to see your referral stats on the stats page, listed as "Referred Accounts".

14. Where can I view which of my sites is performing best?

Our campaign manager gives you a unique tracking code (aka mp_code) to track the success of specific promotional material. You are able to specify a tracking code name and description.

15. Where can I view stats for a specific tracking code?

To see how a specific tracking code is doing, visit the "Account" section on your stats page. There you will see your tracker names listed with their specific sales and traffic stats.

16. Why did one of my users not receive the 120 free credits for signing up?

We do not apply the 120 free credits offer to users in specific countries. This currently applies to the following countries and is subject to change: Mexico, India, Brazil

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